Best Boho Fonts

If you’re looking to add some boho flair to your blog, Facebook or Twitter feed, you’ll want to check out some of the best fonts for boho style. The styles of these fonts are a bit more modern than other fonts, so you won’t get that “vintage” look that you’d expect to get with older styles of fonts.

Groovy Fruity

A boho font is a type of font that is a great choice for retro designs. This type of font can be used in social media graphics, posters, t-shirt printing and package designs. Boho fonts come in different types, including free fonts. Here are some of the best boho fonts that you can use.

Groovy Special is an extremely fun typeface that has a retro flair. It has five93 glyphs, including an extra extruded version that helps to create a retro effect on your design. There is also a stylistic set and a contextual set for this typeface.

The Margin typeface has thick curves and individual letterforms. You can use it for vintage logos, nostalgic mood boards and even book titles. Also, it has 95 unique alternates.

Malvie is an easy-to-use font that is perfect for t-shirts, signboards, and logo designs. This font also has multilingual support and hundreds of stylistic alternates.


Boho fonts are popular among designers these days. These trendy fonts are perfect for posters, logos, and banners. They can also be used for social media graphics. The boho style can be sophisticated, playful, or sexy.

If you’re looking for a unique font for a boho project, try Bellyman. This stylish serif typeface includes ligatures, numbers, and punctuation. It’s easy to apply to any design and it’s supported by Unicode.

Boho Mood is a beautiful floral collection with a modern vintage feel. This font is perfect for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and wall art prints.

For more boho options, check out the Bohemian Script, which has uppercase and lowercase letters, ligatures, and punctuation. You’ll also find a large set of bonus swashes and symbols.

Some other fonts that are ideal for a boho-inspired project are Brandey, Ethereal, and Magilio. All of them include ligatures and punctuation. They’re great for websites, book covers, and event flyers.


Calista is a stylish and clever display typeface that can be used in a variety of applications. This beautiful font is available in three weights. It also features multiple ligatures, punctuation and other niceties. With 20 plus languages supported, it can be used in a variety of ways.

A boho inspired display typeface like Calista is an excellent way to enhance your logo design, package design or social media graphics. While a lot of people think of a cursive typeface when they hear the word “boho”, it can be used to create a very sleek and stylish font.

In addition to the regular and italic styles, there are some cool alternate characters, too. Using a boho style font can make for a fun and quirky branding project, especially if the letters are reversed.

The best part of this display typeface is that it’s easy to use. Whether you’re creating a new logo, a website header or a poster for a special occasion, you’ll find that Calista is easy to navigate.


Novante is a beautiful serif font that is perfect for logos, branding designs, and other projects. Its high contrast letterforms add to its elegance. You can also use this typeface for short body text or crafty DIY projects. With its wide range of characters, you’ll be able to create a personalized and unique project.

The Bohemy Font Duo is a stylish duo that works well together. One side of the font consists of a handwritten boho script while the other combines modern sans-serif elements. Both are available in upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, and ligatures.

Another typeface that is ideal for both branding and packaging designs is Magilio. Its retro styling and modern boho vibe make it a perfect fit for editorial layouts and social media graphics. Its uppercase letters include a wide variety of ligatures, swashes, and accents.

Another boho display font is Olive and Figs. The bold, elegant design features a curved italic and is available in most European languages. This is a great font for title designs, logos, wedding invitations, and other regal projects.

Bohemian Soul

The Bohemian Soul font family was designed by MARIA FELIZ Studio. This stylish serif typeface is a good choice for logos and branding. It includes a smattering of ligatures, which help it to stand out.

Another useful font from the Bohemian Soul collection is the Boho Mood. This script font is ideal for wall art prints and other decorative items, especially if you’re aiming for a vintage, romantic vibe.

This typeface also contains some of the coolest features, including a multi-baseline style and a varying baseline. In addition, it includes a plethora of letter combinations, which make it easy to customize your project.

Similarly, the Bohemian Script font is ideal for invitations, greeting cards, and product packaging. Its upbeat style paired with its asymmetric design makes it an excellent choice for logos, YouTube thumbnails, and other social media posts.

Aside from the multi-baseline design, Bohemian Script also includes an impressive amount of swashes, which are perfect for a number of different projects. The font comes with a TTF file, as well as an OTF one, and supports several accent languages.


Kaelia is a simple sans serif font that can elevate any project. It works well in both large and small sizes. With a character map, ligatures and an ornament, it’s perfect for branding and product packaging.

Boho style is a great look for a variety of projects. You can use this type of font on banners, logos, headers, and headlines. Whether you’re creating a website, social media graphics, or a blog, these fonts are sure to draw attention.

The Love craft font is the perfect choice for weddings, feminine projects, and other feminine fonts. It’s feminine and calligraphy-inspired, but it has a classy feel as well.

This font has lots of alternates and ligatures. It also supports a handful of languages. So you’re able to get your message across regardless of the language.

A lot of these fonts come in a variety of styles. For example, you can find Kaila, which is a typeface designed for magazines, but it’s also a font that’s great for wedding invitations. Alternatively, you can try out Brandey, which is perfect for book covers, logos, and posters. Lastly, you can opt for Dubaoroh, which has a sleek, modern design.


Parnas boho font is a serif typeface that can be used in both expressive and simplistic designs. Its stylish appearance makes it perfect for posters, logos, and banners. With hundreds of ligatures and a variety of styles, Parnas is a great option for any design project.

Parnas comes in both full alphabets and alphabetic variants. The first variant features uppercase and lowercase letters while the other offers numbers, punctuation, and decorative flourishes. This font is ideal for branding projects, editorial layouts, and websites.

Boho typography is a popular choice among designers. Often based on handwritten script, boho fonts are a fun and flirty way to make a statement. These types of fonts often come with embellishments such as swirls, swashes, and ornaments. They can be used in a wide range of design projects, including website graphics, social media posts, package designs, and even YouTube video covers.

The magic of the Boho Font family is its versatility. There are four subfamilies that are crafted to suit a variety of needs.

West Avenue – Modern Serif Font

A bold, classy serif font, West Avenue – Modern Serif Font can be found in both TTF and PUA encoded formats. The font is designed by Milena Brandao and includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers and punctuation. It comes with multilingual support and ligatures, making it a versatile typeface for use in many different design projects.

Boho typefaces are perfect for retro designs, posters and package designs. These fonts reverse cap lowercase letters, giving them a fun, edgy look. They are also good for branding projects and logos. Suitable for advertising and print projects, they can be used for wedding invitations and YouTube video covers.

The bohemian lifestyle is a popular theme for today’s style. This typeface was created with a bohemian flair using OpenType features. Besides its fun and modern design, the font also offers ligatures in several accent languages, making it a great choice for handwritten logos, blog posts and social media graphics.

Royal Champers

The Royal Champers font is a sophisticated and elegant font. It has been carefully crafted to give the user a sense of luxury. This typeface is perfect for labels, book covers, website headers, and more.

Royal fonts are perfect for branding projects, wedding invitations, and more. They add a classy look to your branding. These fonts are also suitable for luxury businesses, five-star restaurants, and other upscale brands.

Boho fonts are stylish and trendy, making them a popular choice for lifestyle branding. They are great for website headers, YouTube video covers, Instagram posts, photo overlays, and more. However, they should only be used with a single or two fonts. In order to make a bold statement, choose just one or two fonts and use them as the focal point of your design.

There are many different fonts available, so it’s important to find the best font for your project. Some of the best fonts for boho style include Boho Rainbow, Lucky Beauty, Spidro Marley, and more.

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